Shangri-La rebranding Traders Hotels as Jen

Shangri-La rebranding Traders Hotels as Jen

Shangri-La is set to re-brand all of its Traders Hotels as 'Jen', including its Brisbane property.

Hotel Jen, the new brand revealed yesterday (Aug 25) by Hong Kong-based Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd, is being labelled as "fresh, friendly and fuss-free" according to the company.

Catering to a new 'Jeneration' of independently minded business and leisure travellers, the brand will launch quickly with ten Hotel Jens opening in major cities in Asia Pacific by March 2015.

Hotel Jen Orchard gateway, opening in Singapore later this month, is the first hotel in a major initiative that will see the transformation of Shangri-La's Traders Hotels.

The rebrand will bring an intuitive service attitude and relaxed, friendly style to the diverse collection of existing and new mid-range hotels situated in the best locations in Asia Pacific.

The Hotel Jen brand is inspired by the virtual persona Jen, a professional hotelier who loves life, travel and the adventure of discovering new places. Hotel Jen takes care of guests with efficiency and care, while also giving them informed access to the best a particular destination has to offer.

Stress-free ease and simplicity will be reflected in the overall Hotel Jen stay experience through the informal and friendly check-in, stay, check-out and on-going contact.

A sense of belonging will be reflected through a brand persona concept that positions guests as 'friends of Jen', with a caring and respectful service standard communicated by staff in an enthusiastic, helpful and engaging way.

The Hotel Jen 'informed and friendly' service style will also guide guests to the best of where they are, through local restaurant recommendations, under-the-radar sights and unusual boutiques. The Hotel Jen team will be a guest's own personal local lifestyle guide.

Technology will also be key to catering to the highly social, young-at-heart traveller. Free WiFi everywhere, all the time, and convenient mobile charging stations throughout the hotels are few of the many features. Guest comfort and safety are an absolute priority and there will be no compromise on existing, high-quality standards.

Hotel Jen's restaurants will focus on fresh local products, ensuring that the food is genuine and authentic in every way. Free coffee/snack-box-to-go after breakfast and grab-and-go kiosks will be available.

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