SilverNeedle launches Next generation app

SilverNeedle launches Next generation app

SilverNeedle has partnered with Docomo interTouch to launch a next-generation app for the new, flagship Next Hotels brand.

Using the latest technology, the first Next Hotels property in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall is the first hotel in Australia enabling guests to bypass the front desk and go straight to their rooms using their smartphones as room keys.

SilverNeedle is launching the Next app, into which the 'Mobile Key' is embedded. The Next app, available in both Android and iOS versions, allows guests to control every touch point with Next Hotel Brisbane through their smartphones - from making a room reservation, entering the room, controlling in-room gadgets, ordering room service to checking out of the hotel.

With free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, the Next app gives guests the total freedom to control as much or as little as they want.

Prior to arriving at Next Hotel Brisbane, guests can check in using the Next app; select their preferred rooms or accept the pre-assigned rooms; and receive their own room key codes on their smartphones, bypassing the conventional check-in process to get to their rooms if they wish.

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