Other Interesting Team Building Ideas

Other Interesting Team Building Ideas

MasterChef,  flight simulator, or corporate golf days or weekends, the list is endless.

Cooking Classes

Bring the excitement and drama of the reality TV cooking shows to your conference and let us help you channel your inner MasterChef!

Inspire your team, clients or entire company to create their own unique restaurant. As 'chefs' you will prepare a glamorous meal, then as the 'customers', you'll eat and enjoy your feast together.

Far more than your run-of-the-mill cooking class, this team building activity makes it fun and totally interactive, with music and vino... a true event.

Flight Simulations

Experience the thrill of flying at your conference or office via a fully customised, mobile B737-800 flight simulator

The fully mobile flight simulator means we can come to you whether at your office or where you are holding your event. Have some fun or use it as part of your team building program. Being mobile makes this the perfect gift for any budding pilot - go on, make someone Captain for a day!

It's perfect for any occasion or corporate event.

Corporate Golf Days/Weekends

Conference Resources can assit you in organising a Corporate Golf Day, Charity Golf Day, golfing weekend or your dream golf vacation. It is easy so let us show you how.

We have everything you need including access to some of the finest courses available in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific. Plus you will receive the personalised attention you deserve when you book with us.

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